Though Reiki works in conjunction with medical treatment it is not to be used as a replacement for your medical treatments.

Reiki Session

Enjoy a 60 minute healing and relaxing fully clothed Reiki treatment. I am also available for on location visits for Reiki in your home, office or hospital room within a reasonable distance. Reiki treatments can be done on infants, children and animals as well.

Distant Reiki

Reiki energy can be sent over distances to yourself as well as past and future events. In addition to facilitating healing for yourself if you are unable to set up an in person appointment distant Reiki can be sent to the past to heal past situations which have caused emotional, mental or physical you still have as a result of that situation. Distant Reiki can also be sent to future events such as surgeries, wedding proposals, job interviews as well as to the past to facilitate the healing process for traumas from your past.

Energy Clearings

An energy clearing is a great way to cleanse your home or office of negative energy and restore harmony and tranquility to the space as well. This service is also great for a new home or other location you may be moving into.