This page is a statement on my philosophy on Reiki. As I grow I am sure there will be new additions to this just as I am sure some of my thoughts may completely change.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher and it is not only my calling to perform Reiki treatments for those who need it but it is also my duty to inform and guide those who come to me seeking knowledge of Reiki.

Before I continue let it be known that though I mention the term Reiki Master Teacher I in no way consider myself a “know it all” in the realm of Reiki. Personally, I prefer the traditional term of “Shihan” which means teacher. The term Reiki Master Teacher and certification as a Reiki Master Teacher mainly allow people to understand that I have done my homework, so to speak, to not only be able to practice it but to teach it.I have put a lot of my time and energy(literally)into Reiki. I believe that once you become a Reiki Master Teacher your true Reiki journey begins. I will never stop learning and I will also learn from my students during this journey.

As you have seen on the front page of this website, my mission statement is “Inform. Guide. Empower.”.

Reiki is something we all have the ability to do but not all of us have the calling to learn how to use it properly and efficiently and just wish to receive Reiki during a relaxing treatment. This is perfectly fine. We all like our cars to work properly but not all of us want to get under the hood and make the necessary adjustments ourselves.

As we get older most of us push that ability away due to fear, religious beliefs or a myriad of other reasons. That being said, children can make very powerful Reiki practitioners with proper teaching. Often their purity of heart and mind can make them more powerful channels for energy work than many adult practitioners as they have yet to be bombarded with belief systems that cause them to fear Reiki.

The empowerment I speak of in my mission statement is instilled in you not only through a Reiki treatment and the healing facilitated throughbut but also through learning how to use Reiki properly and efficiently by having it taught to you .

Being that Reiki can be used to facilitate healing on an emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and even a molecular level think of how empowering it is to be able to finally do something you have not been able to do for some time. To be able to love again. To be able to go for a walk when before the mere thought of the pain involved in just standing up gave you anxiety. Being able to get beyond an experience in your past that has been holding you back from so many things in your life. To be able to face the day with a smile when all you wanted to do before was stay in bed and hide under the covers all day. This is true empowerment.

As I have said before, Reiki is for everyone. However there is a process that must be followed in order to truly perform Reiki treatments. Although some knowledge of Reiki can be obtained through reading you can not truly learn Reiki over the phone, through the internet, books or buying attunements on Ebay. Reiki is something that must be learned in person through a teacher of Reiki. Until you are attuned to the symbols for Reiki treatments, you are not doing Reiki and you may be simply giving them your own energy and/or taking on theirs. This can be extremely detrimental to all parties involved.

Attunements are not to be given freely just for the asking. They are given through the classes as you are instructed on how to use them. I have had several people randomly ask me to give them attunements because they feel they are ready for them after just reading books on Reiki.I have to refuse them this request since that is not how the process works.